An inspection crew from the Virginia Department of General Services takes measurements of the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia, on June 8.

Police arrest an armed man near the Robert E. Lee Monument in Virginia

People stand around the statue of the Confederate general Albert Pike after protesters toppled him on June 19 in Washington. Erik Paradat / AFP / Getty Images

Protesters in Washington, DC downed the statue of Confederate General Albert Pike on Friday, according to reports from CNN’s WJLA.

The statue was standing in the city’s courtyard district.

A video clip showed the monument swinging with yellow ropes around it before hitting the ground around 11.15 pm. ET.

Minutes later, the statue was seen lying on the grass, burning and covered in graffiti. Protesters appear to be taking turns adding elements to the fire while the statue is being burned.

“It is almost a sign of equality. We are now restoring our freedom and rights, symbolizing the people you know, defending us, defending our culture, and not defending the things that were passed in America that are seen as repugnant.” A demonstrator said on the WJLA website.

Police officers were on the scene but did not attempt to arrest any of the protesters.

CNN contacted the District of Columbia Police Department for comment.

Donald Trump He strongly criticized the Metropolitan Police for the demonstration.

The President of the United States wrote on Twitter: “The Metropolitan Police are not doing their job because they are watching a statue of tearing and bust.”

“These people must be arrested immediately. Shame on our country!”

Pike was the Confederate Indian Commissioner and military commander of the Indian Territory during the American Civil War, according to Oklahoma Historical Society.

Confederate monuments have become a flashpoint for black life protests. A 30-foot obelisk in the Decatur suburb of Atlanta was removed just before midnight on Thursday after a judge ordered it removed.